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Phil previously worked as a business consultant, in the IT security professional certification area and in sales and marketing. Aquaria were his hobby which led him to enter the industry.

Phil has planned, installed, maintained and managed several hundred aquaria and tens of thousands of gallons of saltwater in the greater DC area. He founded Reef eScape in 2006, and planed, built and moved into their current home (the Fairfax City 2,000 square ft showroom and aquarium design center) in 2009-2010.

A constant diet of ponds, lobster tanks, freshwater tanks, multi-tank systems, live coral reef tanks, QT systems, large tank design and installtion, and running a small business more keep him pretty busy.

With the help and support of his wife Lucia and their 2 kids, Phil is proud to have built Reef eScape into the company know to be the D.C. area's premier aquatic services provider with the most professional, knowledgeable and dedicated staff.


Lead Service Aquarist

Ty has been with Reef eScape since 2009. Ty's Responsibilities include maintaining aquaria from the 2,000 gallon live reef aquarium at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of Natural History to a 10 gallon planted freshwater tank a block from the White House. Ty has been in the hobby since 1997 and has designed Reef, "FOWLR" and Freshwater aquaria. Before joining Reef eScape, Ty graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Mason University and had both retail and service experience working in the aquarium industry even before he joined Reef eScape.


Lead Retail Aquarist

Mark joined Reef eScape in 2015 after working as a full time Animal keeper and Aquarist for a Public Aquarium


Lead Husbrandy Aquarist

Brittany fell in love with all things under the sea when she was very young. In college, she began volunteering at the National Zoo’s Invertebrate Exhibit, which would turn out to be the beginning of her journey into aquaria and scientific research. Since, Brittany has worked as a service technician for a D.C. area showroom and on-site aquarium management company Reef eScape, and as an aquarist’s assistant at the National Aquarium’s Animal Care Center caring for the large predators now housed in the new Blacktip Reef exhibit. Most recently, she packed her bags and moved to Hawaii for five months to complete an internship at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. Here, she contributed to research being conducted in the fields of coral reproductive biology and cryobiology. While at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, she maintained several flow-through systems housing coral used for spawning collection and various other experiments. Now back on the mainland, Brittany has returned to Reef eScape, and maintains two 325-gallon quarantine systems, a 660-gallon coral system, as well as various display tanks.


Olivia "Ollie"

In-store / Retail Aquarist

Olivia has been with Reef eScape since 2014 after spending time and the National Zoo's Invert house as a Keeper's Aid. She helps maintain all of Reef eScape's display tanks, as well as the quarantine, fish, invert and coral systems.



Service Aquarist

Sam has been with Reef eScape since 2011. Sam is a full time engineering student and plans to serve in the Air Force upon graduation. As the Reef eScape “Nano Guru,” Sam planed and renovated all of the smaller aquaria in our showroom including the 26gallon Sea Horse tank, our levitating rock-scape 29 gallon “T.P.R.” (Tiny Predator Reef) and the 16 gallon mixed reef / anemone tank.¬†



Aquarium Installation, Renovation and Project Technician

Greg is a is a full time Fairfax County Deputy Sherif, husband, father of 2 and an avid fisherman. With the limited free time those responsibilities afford him, he works at Reef eScape to help support his own aquarium. Greg has been with Reef eScape since 2009 and has helped with several installations, major renovations and minor upgrades and provides regular on-site aquarium service visits. His home aquarium is an in-wall 220 gallon SPS dominated tank.


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