Where do Anemones Come From?

In the wild Anemones usually reproduce through massive colony spawning. Hundreds or thousands of anemones living in the same area will release sperm and egg cells into the water. The offspring settle down current, and if lucky, grown into unique adults. Some of these later enter the aquarium trade, where they may, or may not adapt to life in captivity. 

In captivity, reproduction us usually through division.  Upon reaching full size, and under ideal conditions, the anemone will divide into 2, or more smaller animals.

The resulting 2 "Daughter" or "Clone" anemones are genetically identical.  These truly captive raised animals are extremely adapt at life in captivity and very hardy.  Captive raised animals are more desirable "across the board" with fish, coral, and anything else in an aquarium.

Most of the anemones in our customer's tanks are descendants of the same anemone purchased in 2001 named "Annie."  There are literally dozens of clones of this Green, Pink tipped Anemone living in in the Greater DC area. 

If you are interested in one of these captive raised Bubble Tips Anemones, or any of the coral you see on these pages, please let us know you would like to be added to the waiting list.  While these Anemones are occasionally available to the public, our Service Customers have priority. 

We were lucky enough to capture one such split on camera, the entire process took about 15 minutes.  Some of these pictures are below. (Click images for larger view)

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