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Raising baby Bangaii Cardinal fish

Many people know that Male Seahorses have a "pouch" much like a kangaroo where baby seahorses are kept safe until they are ready for the big world, but there is another fish edging out the seahorse for the Aquatic "Father of the Year" Award. 

A Male Cardinal fish will carry his young (both unhatched eggs, and even the baby fry for as much as 21 days in his MOUTH, sometimes even longer! In fact, he will go that entire time without eating a single meal. This known as "mouth-brooding." When his babies are ready, the "fishy father of the year" will try to find a sea urchin. Once he finds a suitable spiny friend, he will release his young into the spaces between the now-protective spines of the urchin, where they will be safe for additional time as they grow.

There are several types of Cardinal fish that make good reef tank inhabitants, including the Bangaii, Orbicular, Pajama or Spotted Cardinals . They are peaceful, non-aggressive fish, but when large may eat smaller more timid tankmates. When a male and female pair is kept well fed in a large aquarium with excellent water quality, they OFTEN breed in hobbyist's aquariums!

Besides the amazing spectacle of the ultra-protective mouth brooding fathers, cardinal fish are relatively easy to keep, fairly disease resistant, and are completely reef safe, making them a wonderful addition to any saltwater reef aquarium.


Baby Bangaii Cardinal fish in Urchin

Baby Bangaii Cardinal Fish in
Sea Urchin's Spines (close up


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