Installations: Having a professional service company deliver, setup and install your aquarium will not only reduce the work on your part, but will help insure that it is done right the first time. Did you plan for getting water for water changes to and from the aquarium without lugging buckets around? What about a system for topping off evaporation? Are you stressing over the debate between different lighting systems? Is there too much information for you to decide what skimmer is right for you? Let Reef eScape help. We have experience with literally hundreds of aquariums from 5 gallons to over 1,000. WE CAN HELP YOU. The 1st step is for us to ask a bunch of questions, get a feel for the location, and understand what types of animals you plan to keep. Then we can create a customized plan to get you what you want while maintaining a total budget and conforming to space limitations. Do you already have some of the equipment for your aquarium? Starting to feel like you are in over your head? Contact us ASAP.
Relocations: Moving an aquarium from one location to another is a daunting task. Issues include: Plumbing, electrical, bagging livestock with Oxygen, lifting the liverock, re-filling the tank with filtered water, transportation and logistical issues and much much more. Moving a 75 gallon aquarium just a small distance and setting it back up again can take 2 experienced aquarium technicians a full day to accomplish. If you are faced with moving an aquarium, please let us know as far in advance as possible. A great deal of planning and scheduling is required. Relocations are charged based on actual time spent at a rate of $75 / hr / technician plus any expenses / new items needed. The more notice we have the better we can plan and the less you will pay. We are sorry to decline any customer request, but "I need it moved by this weekend" is not something we are normally able to help with.
Removals: Are you breaking down an aquarium with no intention of setting it back up? The 1st question is: "Why?" If your aquarium just isn't as nice as you thought it would be, or you feel like you are spending too much time "working" on it as opposed to enjoying it, one of our service plans may be perfect for you. If you are moving and can't bring the tank, or for whatever reason, you just need to let the aquarium go, we can help. Breaking down an aquarium can be as much work as setting one up, and can take a long time. So the cost can be significant especially for a larger system. However, we can issue you a credit for any Livestock, Live Rock, and or equipment IF WE HAVE A USE FOR THESE ITEMS to help defray the cost. Of course we can usually find a home for fish, coral and other animals, and can take liverock if it is in good condition. However we do not normally sell used equipment, so our needs in this area are limited. Contact us for more details.
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