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I was very fortunate to encounter Reef eScape on the internet. I had just gone through a nightmarish situation with another company, Reef eScape was a lifesaver, they upgraded me to a beautiful 220 gallon reef aquarium that is breathtaking. Dedicated, dependable, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work with aquariums. And customer satisfaction is extremely important.

The aquarium is both peaceful and alive. The corals are brilliant with colors and most of them seem to move as if they’re dancing in air. The fish and invertebrates are all peaceful, happy, and in love with their home. Careful thought, research, and observation was done to accomplish those processes. Finally, there’s one more thing to mention. Phil has a magic touch when it comes to constructing live-rock landscapes (or “reefscapes.”) One can tell that the animals are very happy because they are constantly exploring every area of their beautiful home.

Thanks Phil and Reef eScape for your passion, care, dedication, and love for the animals and customers.

PS—It’s true that (with weekly service visits) they do all of the work…I only have to feed everyone.

L. M. Washington DC

We have had our 120 gallon reef tank for more than two years now and have struggled with the balance of self-care and outside professional assistance. The biggest obstacles we had with in-home service were trust, communication, care and commitment. I can say without hesitation that Reef eScape has not only met our expectations, but the communication, quality and consistency of the professional service we and our tank receive are beyond compare. Our only complaint is that we had to go through the aggravation and disappointment of the three service companies we tried before finding Reef eScape!

M. C. Oakton, VA

The impact of the aquarium on our center has been amazing! I want to share with you some of the daily sights and sounds that occur in our waiting/reception area.

 First, everyone that comes here naturally gravitates towards our gorgeous tank the minute they enter the building. Some sit and relax looking at the colorful, lively activity in the tank, but more often, spontaneous conversations erupt as adults and children share tidbits of information. People are teaching and learning from each other as to what’s in the tank and what to look for. Each week they discover what’s new in the tank, how things are growing and moving, and the fish are becoming more comfortable and animated. Daily there are squeals of delight from children as well as a, “there’s Nemo” discovery.

 All of our clients and the entire staff has become emotionally engaged with our tank.  It has become the “water cooler” of the office where at anytime of the day you’ll find any number of people standing in front of the tank talking about the fish!

 The impact and response is more than I could have ever hoped for.  I just wanted you to know the effect the aquarium is having on all who enter and I want to thank you again. When you come for your weekly visits for service, you are taking care of more than fish and live stock! You’ve become a treasurer fixture and your informational conversations bring delight to all.

 I know I speak for everyone here when I say, Thank you Reef eScape!

K. C. Fairfax , VA

After a catastrophic tank failure, I searched for someone to cleanout my failed reef tank and set it back up again. And within a few hours Reef eScape had my reef tank cleaned and brimming with life. I was so impressed with their professionalism that I asked Reef eScape to permanently maintain my reef tank. Now, long gone are the days of hauling heavy buckets of water, conducting tedious water quality tests and watching my expensive aquatic purchases wither away.

J. T. McLean , VA

My kids love our fish tank! My entire family loves our fish tank! It has been a never ending source of enjoyment and learning. It's so beautiful we set it up in our kitchen so that everyone can see it, all the time. Reef eScape makes what could be a complicated process seamless and simple. Their attention to customer service is unmatched, and they go more then the preverbal "extra mile." Phil and Reef eScape get an A+, and I recommend them highly, and I recommend that you get a tank too.

C. & G. R. Gainsville VA

For years we wanted to get a saltwater aquarium but thought it would be too much work. Luckily, we found Reef eScape and now we have a beautiful reef aquarium and it couldn't be easier. All we have to do is feed the fish and Reef eScape does the rest. We even go away on vacation with no worries because we know the fish, live coral, shrimp and other invertebrates will be fine. In addition, watching the aquarium evolve has been a source of endless pleasure for our kids. I can honestly say they spend more time in front of the tank than they do the T.V.

S. K. Takoma Park MD

I am thrilled to have found Reef eScape. I wanted to buy a new aquarium, but didn't have the time to research every aspect of tanks, stands, lighting, filtration, coral, fish, skimmers, pumps…. ugh it was all too much. Reef eScape asked all the right questions, worked within my budget & space limitations and customized a system that is exactly what I wanted. Within weeks I had a living reef in my living room. Everyone that sees it is impressed. Reef eScape did all the work and I get all the credit. If you live anywhere in the DC / N. VA area and are even thinking about a fish tank, call Reef eScape, you can't go wrong.

M. F. Alexandria VA

Week 1

3 Months

1 year

I have had Saltwater aquariums since my days at the University of Maryland, which was unfortunately twenty some years ago.  Now the fish and corals from my college days seemed to have extremely short life spans?  Of course I can’t be sure that their fate wasn’t effected by foreign substances which may have permeated their precious environment as opposed to the quality of the filtration and lighting….hmmmn?

Well enough about college.  I mean who really uses their degree anyway?  It’s the “life experiences” that are what’s actually useful on a daily basis.  And, if you want to talk about who knows about the “life experiences” in a reef tank then all you have to do is call the experts at Reef eScape!  I have had all of the original fish and corals thriving in my 90 gallon reef tank ever since the first day they put them in!  Now I’ll be the first to tell you that I no longer wake up and have to net National Bohemian cans out of the tank but still…..I’m convinced that Phil knows his fish!

The only thing that I have to admit that bothers me is that I always have to give Reef escape the credit when I am continually answering the same question from any of our guests, “That is the most beautiful fish tank I have ever seen.  Did you do all that?” ( I wish he didn’t put that Reef eScape logo sticker on my tank!)

Anyway,  thanks again to Phil, Lee, Steve and everyone else at Reef eScape!  You guys are the best!

 B. R. Fairfax

I had been to a lot of aquarium shops and getting conflicting information. Finally, I found Reef Escape it all started to make sense. I was having problems with my tank and you patiently took the time to educate me and answer all my questions. You found solutions to all the problems I was having. All of the life in my reef tank has never looked better and I credit all my success to you. Thanks for everything.

J. P. Tyson's Corner, VA

We've always had a fish tank at our business. For years we kept freshwater fish but it was a lot of work keeping the tank clean and the fish healthy. When we moved to a larger space we decided it was time to set up a saltwater tank. Feeling overwhelmed we realized we needed help and called Reef Escape. You guys did everything from design to installation, even providing the live rocks, corals and fish. You made it so easy all we have to do is feed the fish! Thanks.

R. T. Merrifield, VA

I don't know how, but Reef eScape makes my aquarium amazing! My guests are impressed, the kids spend hours in front of it, and it seems like I find something new every day! Thanks!

L. M. Fairfax, VA

We went to a local saltwater fish store for our aquarium. Within a few months we were not happy. The service and communication were poor. We never knew who was coming or when?? It is important to trust someone that is going to be in your house on a regular basis and we didn't. After trying 2 other local stores, we finally found Reef eScape and everything changed. The service is consistent, professional, and our questions are answered directly in a way we can understand.

C. L. Fairfax / Fair Oaks, VA
Reef eScape takes excellent care of tank & owner. They took the time to learn our likes and dislikes and recommended fish and corals well suited to our tastes. The aquarium is always clean and healthy. In fact, aquarium enthusiasts comment on how vibrant our specimens always look. Someone is always available whenever we have questions and their experience and creativity have brought out the beauty of every living creature in the tank. Most importantly we spend our time relaxing and enjoying the fish tank, not worrying and working.

D. G. Silver Spring, MD
As a newbie saltwater enthusiast; Reef escape has been a Godsend holding my hand as I work toward Reef competency. While "the other guys" say, “We can't do that” or demanded a long term contract, Phil has always said: “Sure, we can help you.” Knowledge, Experience and a can do attitude puts Reef escape far ahead of the other guys.

B.A. Washington DC



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